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Will Peck

In his ceramic works Witalij Frese (*1992) deals primarily with questions of corporeality and body perception in the context of cultural, political, religious and psychological conditioning. In doing so, he questions our traditional norms of viewing and evaluating the body. As in his painting, Witalij Frese's ceramics refer to ancient as well as Christian iconography and classical symbols. The artist cleverly and thoughtfully integrates those into his own morphology and thereby allows new possibilities of interpretation for these preconceived symbols.

His gender-free and gender-fluid bodily beings are constantly in search of their own selves. They strive to undergo various developments and wish to reinvent themselves. In his portrayals, Frese does not seek definitive classification, but rather emphasises the individual ability to transform the body. Especially in his ceramics that particularly emanate fragility, the artist symbolises the body as an organic shell striving for fulfilment with meaning.

Witalij Frese was born in 1992 in Russia. He studied painting at the Berlin University of the Arts with Martin Gerwers as well as Gina Burdass and Valérie Favre from 2013. Further, he also spent one semester at the Moscow State Academic Art Institute. In 2019 he completed his studies as master student of Valérie Favre at the Berlin University of the Arts. He was a GOPEA scholarship holder, received the scholarship of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research in 2018 and was honoured with the Anna Oppermann Prize in 2016. In 2015 he received the recognition award of the Schulz-Stübner Foundation.

Exhibitions at HELDENREIZER 

  • 2022 What about painting?, 30.07. - 30.08.2022 in Munich

  • 2023  Night Scans, 27.01. - 11.03.2023 in Munich

Further Exhibitions (Selection) 

  • 2022 INCON with (20)…of 21, in 22…, curated by Neil Ferguson & Fredrix Vermin, London, UK 

  • 2021 Pause Translation / Continue Translation, INCON with Neil Ferguson, London, UK [solo]

  • 2021 Studying-relearning, Videograms, screening curated by Gerda Paliušytė, Vilnius, Lithuania 

  • 2021 This is Water, WORKPLACE Gallery, London, UK

  • 2020  Air Sensor, LAVENDER OPENER CHAIR, Tokyo, Japan [solo]       

  • 2019 . . s hly;;,;, Montos Tattoo, Vilnius, Lithuania [solo]

  • 2018 Prin print prog, Centre for Recent Drawing, London, UK [solo]

  • 2018 log lights, Mumei, Tokyo, Japan [solo]

  • 2018 Ipswich Annual Biennale, 3-5 Silent Street, Ipswich, UK 

  • 2017 f.o.c, Neverneverland, Amsterdam, The Netherlands [solo]

  • 2017 Works, Parsonage Court, Norwich, UK 

  • 2017 Salon Hang, Kunstverein, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  • 2016 If it’s like like like then probably it is, Neverneverland, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  • 2016 Ports, 13a, Norwich, UK 

  • 2015 Collaborations: Gordon Shrigley & Will Peck, Centre for Recent Drawing, London, UK [solo]​


  • Born 1991 in Norwich, United Kingdom

  • Lives and works in London

  • 2015 - 2017 MFA Sandberg Instituut, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  • 2011 - 2014 BA The Cass, London Metropolitan University, London, UK

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