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May 17, 2024 - June 15, 2024


HELDENREIZER Contemporary is pleased to present the exhibition Crossing the Line, featuring a dialogue between works by British conceptual artist Will Peck and South Korean painter Eunji Seo. The exhibition explores the concept of the line as an unbound phenomenon, independent of any overarching work, and reveals its intrinsic value. The lines in these works, acting as traces of gestures and movements, invite viewers to engage with their additive nature on various surfaces. These lines often surpass their conventional roles of separating, structuring, or outlining, challenging traditional associations with order, structure, and symbolism.


Will Peck (*1991) innovatively reworks everyday technology and artificial intelligence devices, extending their use beyond their intended functions and enabling new artistic potentials through autonomous, time-based machine activities. He emphasizes the symbiosis between humans and machines. The Mouse Drawings utilize natural sunlight and a computer mouse's optical sensor linked to drawing software to create unique interpretations of light as lines on a page. These are then rematerialized using a pen plotter. Similarly, his Vacuum Drawings are created by a semi-autonomous vacuum cleaner equipped with a calligraphy pen, documenting its path as it navigates the gallery space.


Eunji Seo's (*1984) work contrasts with Peck’s, focusing on the potential of repetition and the interplay of control and random irregularities. Her meticulous attention to detail is evident in the variation of pencil pressure and graphite powder application. Seo's work involves deliberate omissions and strategic empty spaces, adding depth and complexity to her creations. Her Paris Drawings series, for example, interlocks lines and spaces to form intricate patterns that challenge the viewer's perception, creating optical illusions reminiscent of collages. The background colors she chooses enhance the meditative yet dynamic nature of her work, conveying effects similar to natural phenomena like shooting stars or rain showers.


Both artists’ works encourage viewers to reconsider the line not just as a visual tool, but as a medium for exploring broader artistic, technological, and conceptual themes. This exhibition promises a compelling exploration of how contemporary artists redefine boundaries and engage with space and perception.


Text by: Lisann Lechtermann


May 17, 2024 - June 15, 2024

Tuerkenstr. 32, 80333 Munich

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