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Will Peck, Night Scan 16, 2022
27.01.2023 - 11.03.2023


Will Peck's Night Scans series visualizes the course of an entire night from the perspective of an electronic device. What at first appears to be a matte, patinated photograph results from a flatbed scanner running under an open night sky. A peculiar romanticism emanates from these visualizations of the night without the "intervening presence of man." The focus is not on the objective or epistemic image of the visible but on randomness as an artistic means and form of "natural intervention." The Night Scans represent an interweaving of chance with the intentional, through which the epistemic utility of technology and poetry merge into one.

Martin Werthmann - Catastrophe as Space

This volume is published on the occasion of the exhibition Martin Werthmann - CATASTROPHE AS SPACE at HELDENREIZER Contemporary, Munich


Andrew Berardini, Sandra Diefenthaler, Hubertus Günther, Norman Rosenthal, Barbara J. Scheuermann und Marcus Trautner


24 × 28 cm, 168 p., 88 illustrations, hardcover


Published by HIRMER Publishers

Distributed by HELDENREIZER Contemporary, Hirmer Publishers an in bookstores

ISBN 978-3-7774-3716-3

First Edition 

29,90 Euro plus shipping

Signed First Edition 

39,90 Euro plus shipping


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