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The Makeshift Hone
June 28 - July 27, 2024


In her work, Colombian artist Paula Niño addresses the eminent social issues of our time, such as identity, migration, and memory, as well as the metaphysical aspects that surround these questions and unconsciously shape our perception. Her often autobiographically influenced, complex in-situ installations combine painting, objects, performance, experimental moving images, and text to create a unique place full of stories and history, where viewers become contemporary witnesses. They experience an eyewitness account of family histories, migration experiences, educational paths, political struggles, voluntary or forced isolation, and dealing with crises. It also addresses places and their changes, such as one's home as a time-encapsulated, seemingly heterotopic place.

The Great Embrance
September 6 - October 6, 2024


Gawking half-beings, frenzied packs of dogs, and screeching zebras come together in Sebastian Maas' latest pictures. The Berlin-based artist was among the first artists to join HELDENREIZER Contemporary and has been a permanent fixture in the gallery's program for years. As the main act at this year's Open Art Gallery Weekend, he is showing a milestone in his young oeuvre, grabbing visitors by the nostalgically heavy heart and squeezing so tightly that it is unclear whether it pleases or hurts. His visual vocabulary uses a thoroughly occupied, firmly established, and generally appreciated motif from the solid repertoire of art history. With skillful and pointed settings, Maas turns it into a suspenseful revue of current events. In Die große Umarmung (The Great Embrance) (2024), for example, pink areas of color slide onto the back of a life-size zebra and smile shyly at the viewer. An abstract creature forms, oscillating somewhere between predator and warm blanket, while pastel coziness meets colonial chic, a sense of home, and precise pop dilettantism. Sebastian Maas invites us to question our aesthetic and moral identity and develop a fashion- and culture-critical maturity.


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