In his paintings Tibor Pogonyi confronts us with our relationship to the reality surrounding us. He moves his brush over the canvas with amazing skill, concretizing things with a style that is often reminiscent of the golden age of Dutch baroque painting and masters like

Jan Vermeer. Others he envelops in the mystical blur that was established in contemporary painting with Gerhard Richter, at the latest. Pogonyi uses this device to address the art genre itself which, today more than ever, must hold its ground against omnipresent everyday media such as photography and film.

Tibor Pogonyi dives down into the deepest waters of the human spirit and brings scenes to the surface that seem familiar to us and yet, at the same time, strangely alien. In his works, he shows us exactly what we would otherwise wish to close our eyes to: our relationship with nature, with ourselves and with other people. Some things are depicted plainly, others only pictorially implied. But everything arrests us, makes us lose ourselves in the pictures and carries us off into our own worlds of thought.


Humankind as the alleged “crown of creation” is a central theme that appears in continuously in his oeuvre. His works show often athletically built and yet strangely weak-looking figures bent down in a desolate, gray rocky landscape or dark forest. With the last of their strength, they are trying to combat an unknown force, which is pressing them to the ground. the real means of expressing their personalities, namely their faces, is shrouded in long cloths. It is no longer a question of them as people, but of their physicality.

The attempt to reflect their faces in the water like Narcissus, solely to admire their own handsomeness, becomes a farce. The pale bodies become a mode of expression for human relationships and call on us to identify with the figures. We become a mirror in which the self-absorption and the desire for everlasting youth of our time are exposed.

Exhibitions at HELDENREIZER

  • 02/2019 - "ANGST", 21.-23.02.2019 in Munich

  • 04/2018 - "NEUE DIALOGE", 26.-28.04.2018 in Munich


  • Born 1974 in Eger, Hungary

  • Lives and works in Munich

  • 1994-1999 German and Art studies at Eszterházy Károly University, Eger, Hungary

  • 2000-2006 Painting ad Graphics studies with Professors Fridhelm Klein and Anke Doberauer at the Academy of Fine Arts, Munich

  • 2006 Honored as "Meisterschüler" by Professor Anke Doberauer

  • 2007 Diploma from the Academy of Fine Arts, Munich


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  • 2018 - Marcus Trautner (ed.): NEUE DIALOGE - Tibor Pogonyi, Marten Kirbach, HELDENREIZER Junge Kunst 2018, ISBN 978-3-9819524-1-4