In an everyday world characterized by experiences of acceleration, virtual reality constructs and the inner and outer conflict, Marten Kirbach's abstract works call for unconditional contemplation and the questioning of one's own perception. In the critical examination of painting per se and its means, Kirbach juxtaposes an equally ambivalent pictorial reality with its superimpositions, perspective breaks, spatial tension, overlapping and interpenetration of perception and reality, of image and image, of illusion and trying to re-differentiate reality.

Exhibitions at HELDENREIZER

  • 04/2018 - "NEUE DIALOGE", 26.-28.04.2018 in Munich


  • Born 1981 in Görlitz

  • Based in Dresden

  • 2000 Painting and Graphics studies with Professor Elke Hopfe, Siegfried Klötz, Günther Hornig and Ralk Kerbach at the Academy of Fine Arts, Dresden

  • 2006 Diploma in Painting/Graphics and honored as "Meisterschüler" by Professor Ralf Kerbach


  • 2018 - Marcus Trautner (Hg.): NEUE DIALOGE - Tibor Pogonyi, Marten Kirbach, HELDENREIZER Junge Kunst 2018, ISBN 978-3-9819524-1-4